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About Us

When we bought the Ramada Historic Hotel in St. Augustine a few years ago,
our vision was to combine the hotel operation with an exciting new attraction,
an attraction that would appeal to young as well as seniors and in-between.

Being in St. Augustine with its rich pirate history, what would be more thrilling than a pirate ship?

The basic concept of a pirate ship is not new however we decided to add value
to our entertainment model.

Our mission is focused on to provide both entertainment and education.

By designing a vessel suited for its purpose, engaging the most talented pirate actors in Florida and designing a program that has the flexibility to suit different and demanding audiences, we are convinced that everybody will disembark from the ship with a smile on their face and a history lesson learned.

Below, we will let Blackbeard himself introduce his crew
and how they got started in St. Augustine.


Gunnar Hedqwist,


Zoran Kajalic,
General Manager

Ahoy there,

This is Blackbeard talking and let me be telling ye a story about how we started this here journey. It was many a year ago. I came to this here city of Saint Augustine.
Learning its history it was time for me to go back to the old ways.

My first need was a crew. Aye it was a great challenge to acquire the best. But with the wind at me back I did succeed in finding the best crew in all of the seven seas.

Twas several years in the making. This here crew will be taking ye back in time as soon as ye board the ship. History, Mystery, Magic, and Mayhem will be the direct course. 

This crew has the abilities to handle all them there that be taking this here journey. A voyage ye not be forgetting.

Lee Pallas



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