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Oly Mackerel – The Pirate Whisperer

It started in Aberdeen Scotland where Oly and his family was pressed into service aboard a merchant vessel in service to a drunken tyrant who proved so incompetent that he had to be dispatched to the deep for the good of the crew. As there were no food or goods on the ship the crew was obliged to raid the next ship that happened by. This worked well as they was Spaniards anyways. Oly and his crew soon obtained a letter of marque and was under the employ of the queen. It was then that Oly and his mates took the mighty  galleon Black Raven from Blackbeard himself! And the two been a feuding something fierce ever since.


Anastasia – Head Wench

Born of a peasant farmer just outside of Bucharest, Romania, I was betrothed to the Captain of the Romanian army in return for my Father’s pardon from stealing a horse. Unfortunately, the Captain smothered to death on his wedding night which left me widowed and alone. The Captain’s mother traded me to the Queen for a proper funeral for her son  so I became a hand maiden for her much to my distress.  After 8 months of service, a beautiful ship came to our coast and requested the Queen’s blessing so we traveled to Constanta on the coast of The Black Sea. It was there I stowed away in that beautiful vessel to escape my fate with the Queen. After 7 days I was discovered by the First Mate and brought to the Captain of the ship. I was to be sentenced to death by the sea for my actions unless I could prove my worth. Taking a sword in hand I proved to the Captain I was a worthy opponent and could help defend his ship in battle. Not only was I of value in battle, it was also discovered I could be of assistance to the Captain in matters of fortune telling being of Gypsy heritage.   So I became one of the crew and we sailed to the Americas to settle in Saint Augustine, Florida.


Jaybird – Rasta Pirate

Reggae, mon. It’s not just a cool rhythm but a way of life. And this dreadlocked Rastafarian Raider plays it to the hilt. He leads his own professional Reggae band and he leads an  almost completely tech-free lifestyle.

And behind his non-stop coming to and fro to the beat, he has a wife and 4 young rastas at home.

That’s heavy stuff, mon.

Salome – Pearl of the Orient

Born to a French mother and Japanese father, Salomé spent most of her childhood dancing for coins in seedy establishments so that she and her numerous brothers and sisters could eat in the various towns and principalities her family’s roving lifestyle took them through. She escaped this just short of her 16th birthday when the three years of prostitution duties took their toll on her as well. She ran away to Singapore, where due to an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, she was kidnapped by the Black Raven crew and held for ransom. Since she wasn’t the person they thought she was, they never got their ransom money, so now she lives out in Florida, mostly on the ship, shooting trucks with her pistol, and singing in her free time, and trying to reclaim that lost feeling of innocence from when she only had to dance for the odd penny.




Clipper “Mack” Mckay – The Englishman

My name is Clipper Mac Mckay i was born in England in 1771 to a military family in 1786 i joined the merchant navy and sailed to India aboard a Tea Clipper for many years trading. 1810 i found myself in the new world in Boston were i named Clipper by my bucco’s, I heard tail of gold and beautiful women in Florida. So jumped ship and set my course for St Augustine Florida there in indeed did find the most beautiful woman so took this wench to an old sea dog i had sailed with called Oly mackerel. who did marry us aboard the legendary pirate ship Black Raven. after a time had to sail back to England leaving my true love and my wench behind. two years passed before i returned to find my wench waiting. I did parlay with Oly mackerel and made crew on the Black Raven pirate ship and this there i can be found to this day. still look the Gold !!!!


Jonnie Walker

One day I walked into the Black Raven Store out of curiosity.  In talking with Grace she mentioned that they were looking for a photographer. I told her I happened to be a photographer, and history was made. Today I am the ships photographer. I enjoy taking part in the show, entertaining alongside the crew, and helping make lasting memories for those who choose to sail with us. It’s very gratifying to hold an audience’s attention, and make them laugh.



The Crew of Queen Anne’s Revenge

Blackbeard and his Mate

This mysterious duo has teamed up to pursue the Black Raven. They have control of The Queen Anne’s Revenge. They give the crew of the Black Raven fits as they are constantly stealing their treasure.

Black Raven’s Ship Store

 Grace St Clare

Here in the Black Raven Ship Store, I am the first of the pirates you will meet when planning a trip on the Black Raven. I was born on Clare Island, off the west coast of Ireland to a seafaring family.  My father was a merchant sailor whose ships traded between France, Scotland, Ireland and Spain.   I had often heard stories about how my father was a guardian of an ancient treasure.   A treasure full of gold, jewels and riches beyond your imagination. In time, I took to the sea in search of the one person my father told the secret location of the treasure to before he departed this world. They called me a pirate as I raided ship after ship in my quest and sent them, crew and all, to Davey Jones’s Locker. The trail has lead me to the New World, the City of St Augustine.  Did I find my treasure? Do I guard it now myself?  Wouldn’t you like to know………


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