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We are always looking for skilled pirate actors:

1. Female Vocalists

2. Pirate Magician

3. Pirate Actors/Entertainers

4. Impersonator of Blackbeard (for special assignment*)

The pirate ship Black Raven is a huge success and we are in great need of additional pirate actors/entertainers. We are looking for female and male “pirates” that can entertain an audience, old as well as young.

We are looking for individuals that can assume the role as pirate characters (impersonators), such as Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Ann Bonny, Mary Read or other well know pirate namesakes.

Besides these characters we are also looking for individuals who have created or will create their own personal pirate character.

Important is that you are able to create your own performing act and take a leading role in the show.

The individuals we are looking for are happy, smiling people who cannot wait to go out and entertain the world. You may be good at singing, telling jokes, stories, improvise, participating in skits, playing a small instrument, doing magic tricks or playing with kids. You love to take the lead and engage the audience. You dress as the individual that you portray or in your own colorful pirate garb.

This is a part time job that includes working weekdays, weekends and evenings.

The pirate ship Black Raven is a non-smoking ship and we are strict to follow USCG drug testing program and all other requirements to be in compliance.

Send your respond and resume to

*Blackbeard will get his own ship (Queen Anne’s Revenge of St. Augustine).

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  • Captain Dave

  • Captain Oly

  • Captain Larry

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  • Red

  • Skully

  • Hijack

  • Captain Hook (QAR)

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Grace (Ticket Office)