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Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt

The First Treasure Hunt on Matanzas Bay
(Year 2012)

The below pictures are taken when we still had the old Queen Anne’s Revenge. That ship was decommissioned when we got the new QAR in March 2013. Also, the old wooden treasure chest has been replaced with the above “golden chest”.

Our first treasure hunt was a great success. In preparation for a possible attack by Blackbeard and his crew on the Queen Anne’s Revenge, all new crew members had to be trained in sword fighting. The timing of this “boot camp” was perfect because shortly after that exercise was over, the Queen Anne’s Revenge appeared on the horizon.

Blackbeard had decided to go all out with his attack on the much larger ship, Black Raven. He was flying his red flag and he was not going to be easy to deal with. In pirate language the red flag means “No Quarter Taken, No Quarter Given”. However, the Black Raven’s crew decided to be as aggressive as Blackbeard was and they hoisted their own red flag.

Queen Anne’s Revenge made a wide swing and came up on Black Raven’s port side. They fired their cannon but the cannon ball missed Black Raven and took out a small cottage on the shore. They moved around Black Raven and came down on the starboard side, firing their cannon again. Another miss and this time the Fort took a hit. Blackbeard had now created another enemy.

Regardless of his poor judgment, Blackbeard did not give up the battle to take out Black Raven. He moved around to Black Raven’s portside in his preparation for boarding of the ship, but he never expected the large and well trained pirate crew. The crew were in hiding when Queen Anne’s Revenge  approached the big ship. Blackbeard was tricked and caught by surprise when the crew appeared with drawn swords and charging towards him. He had no choice but try to negotiate his way out of this situation.

After a few very tense moments, an accord was reached. He had to give up his treasure chest in exchange for a bottle of Rum.  The large chest was transferred from Queen Anne’s Revenge to Black Raven and Blackbeard had no choice but to depart and leave the area. He was last seen sailing south under the white flag of surrender.

The treasure chest was opened and all the crew shared the booty.

Posing after a successful treasure hunt

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