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Club 21+

Club 21+ – Entertainment for a Mature Audience

This cruise is different from our regular family program. We never know how the show will turn out, it all depends on the audience that particular evening. The audience may set the stage or the pirates may take it “their way”.

One thing we do know and that is that we entertain on a different level. The language and the song lyrics are somewhat different, more adult oriented and may not be suitable for everybody. It is never too rough or goes overboard but, everything is relative depending on each individual’s opinion about life and entertainment.

If you like to have fun and laugh with your pals and meet new friends, this cruise is for you. On the other hand, if you can’t stand a few “adult words” in a friendly but funny way or if you rather prefer a relaxed and more secluded atmosphere, you may feel more comfortable on our Family cruise.

The 21+ Cruise is a rich blend of skits, stories, trivia, songs, and more, all performed by exceptionally talented entertainers, singers and actors. Enjoy your favorite libation in our fully licensed bar and join in with us singing the great music and shanties of old.

Our sailing time is Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:15 PM and will return approximately 2 hours later. Ticket price is $29.95/person.

We ID. Do not forget your identification card. You will get “ID:ed” in the store before you get your boarding pass and onboard the ship.

…………On Saturday, February 26, two twin sisters (Ka and PBear) celebrated their birthday and their friend Melinda summarized their experience like this:

What a unique celebration for a twins 30th b-day.  It was an exciting adventure. From the moment we walked up to the dark and mysterious pirate ship, Jokes were flying, dancing feet everywhere, booze and smiles filled the air with laughter Arrrrrrr, What an awesome way to Celebrate !!! Thank you for an unforgettable experience!!!”

The ladies were, left picture, going from left to right: Ka, Karen, Cindy, Sarah, Melinda, and PBear.


Disclaimer: In case of inclement weather conditions, unexpected cancellations, or other reasons beyond the company’s control, the time of departures and the program may be altered, certain segments of the program or crew members substituted and/or the trip cancelled. We strongly recommend all passengers to call ahead of time and reconfirm the departures (especially if you intend to drive long distance for the event). Please call: 877 578 5050.
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