4th of July ’09 | The Pirate Ship Black Raven
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4th of July ’09


4th of July 2009 Cruise aboard the Pirate Ship Black Raven

As this patriotic diner cruise eased away from the dock the guest curiously looked about the ship wondering where their promised diner might be. They could find no galley on the ship and no diner stored anywhere within the ship. After all, the tickets included this very important part of the cruise.

The Pirate show began and the pirates entertained as the ship moved north along the Matanzas River, through the Bridge of Lions, past the Inlet and under the Vilano Bridge.

The passengers clapped at the show and sang along as the pirates performed their sea shanties.

On the distant shore a dock appeared through the mist. All eyes focused on a large treasure chest perched on its end. The Captain slowly maneuvered the ship to come along side the dock. The dock belonged to Aunt Kate’s restaurant. Could it be….?

The Black Raven’s Pirates cautiously slipped down her side and crept along the dock, flipping their eyes about suspecting a trap. Oli Mackerel reached for the chest and a vicious Buccaneer rushed down the dock, swinging his cutlass to protect his treasure. Oli sprang to the ready and parried with the oncoming Buccaneer. A vicious sword fight ensued as Oli forced the Buccaneer backwards against the side of the ship, Oli’s sword swung downward with such force that the Buccaneer’s blade broke and he fell to his knees.

Blackbeard and Mayhem grabbed the Buccaneer and pulled him aboard and bound him to await his Pirate’s trial. They then jumped back to the dock and helped Oli Mackerel heave the treasure chest aboard the ship and signaled the Captain to get the ship under way.

They placed the chest on the hatch cover and commenced the Buccaneer’s trial. It was decided by the pirate crew and passengers that the Buccaneer be given a choice of walking the plank or singing for his freedom and joining the crew. Needless to say the Buccaneer, William Scott, led the crew and passengers in a series of salty sea shanties as his new ship and mates moved south towards Matanzas Bay to view the fireworks. When the singing was completed the newly recruited Buccaneer William Scott opened the treasure chest and revealed a most wonderful diner for passengers and crew.

The surprised passengers enjoyed their fine diner and drinks as they watched the wondrous fireworks display among the hundreds of pleasure vessels on Matanzas Bay. When the fireworks concluded the Black Raven eased through the pleasure vessels on her way back to her berth while the passengers excitedly chattered about being included in a pirate adventure on the great Pirate Ship Black Raven.

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  • Captain Mad Dog

  • Captain Scott

  • Olcracker

  • Bonny Rogers

  • Walker Plankton

  • Sweet-eyed Jane

  • Hector

  • Willow Steele

  • Lavinia

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Elizabeth Vazquez – Store manager, part time pirate

  • Lora – Store Associate

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