Granger-Newsome Wedding | The Pirate Ship Black Raven
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Granger-Newsome Wedding


Granger-Newsome Wedding 


The crew of the Pirate Ship Black Raven gathered on St. Patrick’s Day to witness the holy matrimony between Jeanne Granger and John Wesley Newsome Jr. off the inner coast of St. Augustine.

 With bride, groom and wedding party in threads fit for a pirate crew, Jeanne and John were given the royal treatment by both their attending guests and the crew of the fine ship herself. While the ship sailed across smooth waters, onlookers were treated to the fitting celebrations of a marriage – drinks, entertainment and warm conversation. Presiding over the ceremony was none other than Oly Mackerel, pirate on the ship and the mate qualified to bond the two lovers in marriage. Reading sentiments they’d written, both bride and groom expressed their devotion and were sealed to marriage by some of the oldest and surest of maritime accords – a pinch of salt and a knot of a cord gave them the symbolism to carry in to their marriage.

 Given the opportunity to oppose the marriage, the passengers were deterred by the bridge and groom themselves, pistols aimed to silence the crowd of any dissuasion. An exchange of rings and a toast marked the joyous beginning of Jeanne and John’s lives together. The wedding party had their pictures taken with the marvelous scenery of the untouched St. Augustine coast as a backdrop, the ship’s festive colors giving just as much to the view.

 The wedding ceremony complete, the party started with cake and drinks and lively music. The new husband and wife were the center of attention and were presented with a beautiful framed certificate of their wedding on the ship. After sailing back to port with the fading sunset, Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Newsome Jr. stepped back onto dry land as the husband and wife they’d dreamed of being, with a story to tell all regarding their bountiful occasion aboard the Pirate Ship Black Raven.

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