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Mullin-Colby Wedding

A Pirate Weddingmullins-1

On October 10, 2009 Dawn Mullin and Cory Colby were married on the Pirate Ship Black Raven. Their long search for a different setting where they could begin their life’s adventure together began when they discovered that we performed weddings onboard Black Raven, it became an easy choice. They quickly decided to charter the ship and have an unforgettable wedding that they and their guest mullins-2would never forget.  A wonderful memory was in the making from that day they decided on the wedding.

They invited 40 of their families and friends for this most important moment of their life. Many of them arrived the evening before and stayed at our Ramada Historic Hotel in the historic district of St. Augustine.

This sunny October afternoon became the perfect day for this excursion in to the future for the wedding couple. Slowly the ship sailed under the Bridge of Lions, Captain Jeff steered the pirate ship towards the old Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marco, and hove too for the wedding ceremonyDown the stairs

Our wedding conductor Lee N. Pallas, aka Blackbeard, performed the ceremony which took place the decorated forecastle Wedding Chapel. After the ceremony, the adults toasted the newlyweds with Black Raven’s very special made Rum based Grog. The younger audience had to settle for a less “fiery” drink.

Scott and Oli 01 C 200Captain Jeff then   sailed the ship up the Tolomato River for the next phase of the event, the food. Within a few short minutes, they spied the dock of Aunt Kate’s restaurant. There, on the dock sat a large treasure chest completely unguarded. Nearby the pirate guarding the treasure chest had fallen asleep in his chair. No one knew what treasure the chest might contain but the pirates onboard Black Raven demanded that the Captain approach the dock in order that they might grab that tempting treasure.

As soon as the pirates hit the dock, the sleeping pirate guard woke up.   Shots were fired, but to no avail. The guard quickly realized that in order to protect the chest, a sword fight with Olie Mackeral was unavoidable. He lost the sword fight, was captured and thrown onboard. In order to avoid further punishment, the captured pirate Master William Scott was forced to sing and entertain the onboard crowd. He did it with such a success that the pirate crew decided to spare his life and let him join the team.The Food 200

The chest was eventually opened and its content revealed.  Plenty of delicious food prepared by Aunt Kate’s restaurant. The feast started onboard Black Raven as she started to head back down the river.

Three hours after the ship left the dock she returned to her berth with a very happy newlywed couple and excited families, relatives and friends. This will be a wedding to remember for all of them.

First Wedding!

Missy and Shane On Saturday evening, July 18, 2009, we hosted our first wedding onboard Black Raven. It was Missy and Shane from Jacksonville that had decided to get their knot tied onboard the ship.

The ship was completed sold out with members from their families, friends and regular passengers. It was a beautiful event that few will forget.

The couple boarded the ship at 5:45 PM for picture taking by photographer Tiger Lee. At 6:10 PM the rest of the wedding party boarded followed by the remaining passengers. The ship left the dock, went through the Bridge of Lions and headed up towards the Castillo de San Marco fort.

Captain Larry Kety positioned the ship in front of the fort, the engines were shut down, the ship came to a “drifting” stop and everything became quite as it only can be on the sea. The ceremony was about to start.

The groom climbed the few stairs up to the ship’s forecastle which had been decorated with an arch wrapped with white roses. Shortly thereafter, it was the bride’s turn to climb up the stairs to her waiting husband-to-be and the Bride with knife1wedding conductor Lee N. Pallas, aka Blackbeard. As the occasion called for, Blackbeard was dressed up as a full fledge commodore.

The ceremony lasted approximately 10 minutes as the audience paid their full attention and respect to the couple. After the Vows were read and the rings exchanged, music was played over the ships sound system and the couple received applauds and congratulations from everybody onboard. When the newlywed came down from the forecastle, they were met by Camilla Gustafsson who offered them a toast in Champagne.

Since Black Raven has a very distinct and colorful profile many onlookers were watching from the shore line and the fort.

After the ceremony, Captain Kety started up the ship again and headed north up the Matanzas River while the pirates continued with their regular show.

We arrived back to the dock at approximately 8:15 PM. At 8:45, the ship was ready to depart for another event, our first 21+ Club event.

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