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Gift Certificate

The Ultimate Gift

Where else can you buy and give away a thrilling Treasure Hunt, a unique Evening Excursion for adults only (Club 21+) or a fun Family Show where our pirates keep you entertained thought-out the entire trip?

The Gift Certificate can be used to buy tickets for Black Raven, for gifts in the gift shop, for birthday party, wedding, charter or any combination of the above. You can even use it in our fully licensed bar onboard the ship.

If you so desire, we can wrap and send the Gift Certificate according to your instruction. We can send it by regular mail or by overnight, whichever you choose.

We can also include your personal message with the Certificate. Send your message to us by email, fax or regular mail. You may even call us with the message.

As an added touch to your gift, you can send us your personal message in a sealed envelope and we will include it with the Gift Certificate.

The Certificate will clearly be marked with the sender’s name (your name) and what they are valid for.

Price List:
Family Trips and Club 21+:
Adult ticket: $29.95/person
Child ticket: $19.95/person
Senior ticket: $28.95/person
Family Package: $95.00*

Treasure Hunt
Adults: $34.95
Child: $24.95

Child Birthday Package: $80.00
Adult Birthday Package: $95.00

Wedding Ceremony: $750.00

Sales tax (6%) will be added to the total

Wrapping and mailing the Gift Certificate:

Unwrapped Gift Certificates will be mailed FREE of Charge with US Postal Service.

Gift Wrap:

Similar as per picture to the right: $5.00

Postage for gift wrapped certificates:

Regular mail: $10.00
Federal Express (overnight): $25.00

*Family package consist of two adult and two child (age 3 – 12) tickets. Extra child is $18.95

To Order:

To order a Gift Certificate please call us or send us an email.

Toll Free:    1 877 578 5050
Email:        [email protected]

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