Map | The Pirate Ship Black Raven
Toll free number : 1 877 578 5050


The physical address for the marina is: 111 Avenida Menedez, St. Augustine, FL 32084

The Black Raven Pirate Ship is docked at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina located directly south of the Bridge of Lions on the bayfront of historic downtown St. Augustine.


While the majestic Black Raven sails around the Matanzas, you can set foot in her treasure cache at the City Marina! The newly remodeled Ship Store is located at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina and is the base of operations for the Black Raven’s crew. Stocking everything from ship essentials to the most coveted pirate baubles, the store has something for all of our visitors!

For the local seafarers, the oft-forgotten necessities will be available and make that trip to the corner store a little easier. Come in to find toiletries and refreshments catering to your way of life. And for those with pirate blood running through their veins, the Treasure Cache will offer unique treats from across the seven seas. Tokens of the Black Raven herself, as well as jewels, toys and collectibles, will delight pirates-in-training from the small to the tall.

The boarding procedures for the Pirate Ship Black Raven ask all guests to check into the Ship Store no later than 30 minutes prior to departure so that we can assure our entire crew is ready to go when the Captain rings the bell!

  • Captain Mad Dog

  • Captain Scott

  • Lady Red

  • Walker Plankton

  • Olcracker

  • Hector

  • Lavinia

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Captain Hook

  • Calico Jack

  • Grace (Ticket Office)

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