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McQuaig’s Mutiny Trial

Mrs. Mildred McQuaig accused of Mutiny Attempt.

Tried to hijack Black Raven for the Florida Keys.

Mildred and Melvin McQuaig have been married since Christmas Day, 1941. They have 6 children, 12 grandkids and 17 great grandkids and a family full of live. On October 29th, Mildred celebrated her 85th  birthday onboard the ship.Group

Why did Mildred celebrate her birthday onboard a pirate ship? Maybe it can be traced back to a very special memory Mildred has told her daughter Barbara about. Many years ago, Mildred and Melvin took a houseboat trip to the keys. This trip became one of their fondest memories which they  have often talked about. With that in mind, Barbara set out to make another “special boat trip” memory for her mother and father. She was preparing to meet her brother for lunch one day when he suddenly called. He was working down at the waterfront when he looked up to see a beautiful pirate ship sail by as if  on “cue”. He quickly called Barbara to tell her about the ship and they felt as if it was meant to be and they called the Black Raven to arrange for the birthday. They wanted to create another great memory for their Mother.

On October 29, they boarded the ship at about 6:00 PM together with approximately 30 of their families and friends. Most of them were dressed up like pirates and they settled in for a good time onboard the ship. Obviously Mildred could feel that something was in the making but she was not really prepared for what was going to happen. At least, she pretended so.

M & M w PiratesThe ship left the dock on time and passed underneath the Bridge of Lions and headed north over the Matanzas Bay. The crew went through the safety briefing and everything seemed normal. Mildred was introduced to the rest of the passengers and the crew sang a short “happy birthday” song for her. After the song, she was invited up to the helm to meet Captain Larry. She gladly accepted and quickly disappeared up the steps to meet the Captain. However, before she left the bridge, there were some exchanges of signals between her and some of her family members. This communication went undetected by the pirates that are otherwise on the lookout for any trouble onboard.

But, for some reason, one of the pirates, Blackbeard, did feel that something was not right and hurried up after Mildred. When he caught up with her, she had already reached the bridge and talked the Captain in to showing her how to steer the ship. Why was this lady so interested in operating a ship? Was she up to something? Within a few minutes, several of Mildred’s family members reached the helm to make sure that their plan would work out as planned.Steering the Ship

It did not take long before everybody heard  the Captain call out for help over the ship speakers. The rest of the pirate crew hurried up to the helm and managed to overpower a munity attempt that apparently was started by Mildred. She was determined that this voyage would be remembered by all her family. Was she trying to sail back to the Keys?

She was brought back down to the main deck. The Pirates ego and self-esteem was badly damaged in front of all the other passengers. Obviously, this could not go unpunished. A Mutiny Trial was now in the making. Mildred was going in front of the prosecutor and the judge. This was going to be the trial of the century. Big time. Bring out the plank.

The TrialUnfortunately when Mildred left home, she was told that there was no need to bring any money with her. This was her birthday and everything was already prearranged. So when she was  asked by the judge if she had any money to pay for her defense she had to tell him that she had no means  to pay for her defense. The ship court provided her with a defense “attorney” that had almost no experience and showed no interest in the case.

To make things worse, other charges were added to the list. She was also charged with:
1. Overpopulating the world with a big family (but an unusual nice family)
2. Cooking up and eating the ship’s Parrott ( apparently, the pirates just wanted to make this case even worse)

The trial started off with an unfair advantage for the prosecutor. He came out very strong and powerful, however, the defend attorney managed to swing the first charge to their favor and the overpopulation was dismissed. Apparently, some of the family members had now paid him off. The same happened with the second charge, the defending attorney had now picked up momentum and even with the crushing evidence against Mildred, this very difficult to defend charge was dismissed as well.

Next was the main charge, the Mutiny attempt. The prosecutor was not going to lose this battle. The whole ship had witnessed this attempt and the prosecutor was convinced that Mrs. McQuaig would finally walk the plank. This would be an easy one. The chest

But, then the unexpected happened when the Captain came back on the speakers. His message would have made any prosecutor  wish he had never  boarded this ship. His message was on the boarder-line to the incongruous but this saved Mildred and her family.

As a compensation for this embarrassing mistake by the crew, the reward came when the treasure chest was brought out to Mildred. She was smiling again and her husband gave her that big hug she so well deserved.

Closing remarks
The whole crew and staff of Black Raven wish to thank Mildred and Melvin and all their family and friends for choosing Black Raven as the ship for their celebration. We also wish to thank you for your good participation in the show and hope that we will see you again onboard our great ship.

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