New Years Eve ’09 | The Pirate Ship Black Raven
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New Years Eve ’09

The New Years Eve was celebrated with unique Live Pirate Show, Sword Fight, Cannon Firing, Food, Champagne Toast and Music.

With a blue moon full overhead on New Year’s Eve, our crew boarded in search of good times and good company. The ship loaded from stem to stern with eager privateers, the good ship Black Raven set sailIMG_1738-1 into the night. But even this celebration took its turn; we were alerted to trespassers in our territory! Veering our course to investigate this affront, our passengers gladly gave their support in driving off this unknown threat.

Click to enlargeWe sailed our ship to the docks expecting to see fearsome pirates. But ho! It wasn’t anything more than a pair of hearty wenches sitting atop a fine chest! The bravest of our crew disembarked, making a sweet word with the young lasses. It seemed our information on terrible marauders had been misleading…

And then it happened! The wenches, swords drawn, demanded ourClick to enlarge ship with all aboard. Our crew, daunted but daring, brought their steel to the front. A mighty battle ensued on the water’s edge. In the end, our leader proposed a compromise: combine fortunes with that of the wenches and steal away to celebrate the New Year all together!

With two young and lovely dames newly aboard, we resumed our course to deeper waters. Approaching the strike of midnight, we offered sweet libation to all and loaded our cannon! The first shots of the New Year rang crisp and thunderous across the glassy waters. Click to enlargeThe New Year brought in properly, we laid a feast for all to partake—filled with the finest meats from the ocean and the land, the sweetest fruits from all corners of the world, sweet delicacies to which none could hold a candle! The Black Raven rocked into the night while passengers and crew danced to the best our pirate-jockey had to offer.

Click to enlargeAlas, our time did come to return to land and bid farewell to our passengers. But may none forget our heroic fight and sumptuous feast! For this was a New Year’s Eve of piratical proportions!

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  • Captain Mad Dog

  • Captain Scott

  • Olcracker

  • Bonny Rogers

  • Walker Plankton

  • Sweet-eyed Jane

  • Hector

  • Willow Steele

  • Lavinia

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Elizabeth Vazquez – Store manager, part time pirate

  • Lora – Store Associate

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