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Sons of Norway Charter

With a rallying cry of “uffda”, the Pirate Ship Black Raven welcomed aboard over 100 eager passengers, all members of the Sons of Norway and a rowdy bunch, to be sure!

 Celebrating a culmination of games and contests, the group welcomed members from across the country and all were gathered in Saint Augustine to board the pirate ship looking for a good way to wind down the events. Entertained by Oly Mackerel, William Mayhem and Jonas Crew, the guests were treated to catered light fare including shrimp, fruits, cheeses and finger sandwiches. Drinks were swiftly poured by none other than Jumpin’ JoJo and Daisy Drake and the ladies behind the bar made sure the libation and laughs never ended.

 The food served and conversation abound, the group turned their captain over to the ship’s wizard William Mayhem for some humor and magic at his own expense. Mayhem’s prowess too overwhelming, the Sons of Norway showed mercy and allowed their captain a chance at the microphone while watching their comrades be awarded for their accomplishments during the week’s events.

 As a golden sunset turned the night brisk, the evening slowly came to an end and the last of the delectable food was quickly circulated around the desk. Disembarking and heading back to the real world, all missed the charm and wit aboard the Pirate Ship Black Raven.

  • Captain Mad Dog

  • Captain Scott

  • Olcracker

  • Bonny Rogers

  • Walker Plankton

  • Sweet-eyed Jane

  • Hector

  • Willow Steele

  • Lavinia

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Elizabeth Vazquez – Store manager, part time pirate

  • Lora – Store Associate

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