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Frank Greco Special Appearance

With an international following, the Travel Channel is the premier broadcaster for ideal vacation hotspots and unknown treasures around the globe. No less amazing is Frank Greco, “The Travel Guy”, who traverses this globe to show amazing gems to those of us sitting at home. A special St. Augustine highlight is set to be waved to over 100 countries around the world and will show in October of 2010; this piratical episode of “The Travel Guy” will air around the seven continents and introduce the Pirate Ship Black Raven to adventure-seekers of all ages.

Frank Greco’s visit aboard the Pirate Ship Black Raven has not only shown the amazing voyage as the spectacle is it, but has shown the world that the local, hidden gems are often the best attractions. With his trusty team, Frank boarded the Black Raven and was quickly presented with fitting garb to become the newest crew member of the ship.

Once underway, Frank was given control of the great ship herself, standing at the helm and keeping our course true while Oly Mackeral and Jonas Krew kept the audience from abandoning ship at the questionable steering. All was well until Kathy McCarthy overheard a treacherous plot. Frank had called for a mutiny against the crew! Kathy quickly raised the alarm and Frank was forced to the main deck where Oly and Jonas put him on trial for his heinous scheme.

All looked dreary for Frank and when the final charge was raised against him, the crew was startled when the captain, Scary Larry, spoke out in the host’s defense. The captain’s words dispelled the charges and the crew, having gone a little overboard with the misunderstanding, was eager to show their apologies with fine trinkets and baubles that had been plundered from previous voyages.

The misunderstanding done with, all were given the chance at libations and well-wishes while Jumpin’ Jo-Jo and Daisy Drake served their best fare from behind the bar. Singing and storytelling ensued and the crew was lulled into honest camaraderie from the experience.

Setting foot back on dry land, the captain and crew bid adieu to Frank and his team, as well as the shipmates that had watched the enjoyable occasion. Each went home knowing their day had ended safely, their imaginations had been fulfilled, and the pirates of St. Augustine would always be in the waters to keep those hearts full of adventure.

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  • Sweet-eyed Jane

  • Hector

  • Willow Steele

  • Lavinia

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Elizabeth Vazquez – Store manager, part time pirate

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