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About Us

When we bought the Ramada Historic Hotel in St. Augustine a few years ago, our vision was to combine the hotel operation with an exciting new attraction, an attraction that would appeal to young as well as seniors and in-between.

Being in St. Augustine with its rich pirate history, what would be more thrilling than a pirate ship?

The basic concept of a pirate ship is not new however we decided to add a value to our entertainment model. Our mission is to provide both enjoyment and education. By designing a vessel suited for its purpose, engaging the most talented pirate actors in Florida and designing a program that has the flexibility to suit different and demanding audiences, we are convinced that everybody will disembark from the ship with a smile on their face and a history lesson learned.

Gunnar Hedqwist,

  • Captain Mad Dog

  • Lady Red

  • Walker Plankton

  • Olcracker

  • Georgia Fury

  • Crows Nest Cree

  • Blackbeard (QAR)

  • Grace (Ticket Office)

  • Scarlet

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