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Everybody Loves a Wedding


Wouldn’t it be exciting to plan your own wedding ceremony onboard Black Raven? You do not need to be a pirate or dress up like a pirate to tie the knots onboard the ship. We will be as happy to do a white weeding as we would be to do a pirate themed wedding.

If you do not plan to get married but still want to be part of a wedding ceremony on Black Raven, check out our Wedding Schedule. Click on Events / Future Events /Wedding Schedule and look for any public wedding.

Right now, we offer two different packages:

Bride with knife11. Buccaneer Wedding

This is when you share your big day with all your invited family members, relatives, and friends as well as other paying passengers onboard the ship. The ceremony will take place during a normal scheduled cruise, however, the cruise will be extended somewhat to allow for the event.

Our Forecastle Wedding “Chapel” will be decorated for the occasion and reserved for the Bride and Groom for the rest of the cruise.

The Buccaneer Wedding package includes the decoration and reservation of the Forecastle, the ceremony itself, and filing of the official documents, pirate toast for the Bride and Groom and Black Raven Wedding Certificate. Also, if you desire, your name, photo and a short write up on our web site. Our Pirate Oly Mackerel will be the officiant.


  • Ceremony: $750.00, including tickets for the Bride and Groom
  • Guest tickets: $34.95 each
  • Consolidated purchase are $29.95 each, minimum 15 guests
  • Add 6% sales tax to the total

Professional photographer available upon request.

2. Port Royal Wedding

Experience the ultimate Pirate Wedding. Have the entire Ship, Captain, Crew and Bartender at your disposal. Only your invited guests are kiss1allowed onboard, no other paying passengers.

The ship’s Forecastle Wedding “Chapel” will be decorated for the ceremony and our Pirate Oly Mackerel will be the officiant.

Catering and cash bar available.



  • $3,000 and up for two hours, 1 – 35 guests
    (Charter price depends on season and week day)
  • Ceremony $750.00 which will include filing of the official documents
  • Up to 35 guests, $15.00 for each additional guest
  • Add 6% sales tax to the total

Professional photographer available upon request.


From Dave and Sandy Mullin (bride’s parents)

We got the following letter from the Dave and Sandy Mullin after their daughter’s wedding onboard the ship.

Mr. Gunnar Hedqwist
Black Raven
116 San Marco Ave
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Dear Gunnar,

It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and your staff while we were in St. Augustine for our daughter’s wedding on the Black Raven.  Your staff provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations.  We were extremely happy with the entire experience.

We feel compelled to tell you about our experience with Grace Sparrow.  She is a tremendous asset and was directly responsible for us choosing a Black Raven wedding.  Her enthusiasm was infectious and caused us to immediately stop our search for a memorable wedding event.  Her positive can-do attitude made my wife and I know that a Black Raven wedding was indeed in order.  We spoke to our daughter, she looked at your website and the deal was done.  We were able to meet Grace when you sent her to the Pirate Festival in Stuart and she helped us in so many ways from giving advise on obtaining proper wedding attire, not only in our area but in Tampa where my daughter lives.  We expressed a few desires to add some fun to the event and she coordinated everything for us.  Grace has all the patience in the world and was fantastic in coordinating this wedding between us and the rest of the family.  As you know kids today do things on a different time-table then the rest of us, but Grace kept everything on track.

I am sure that we have no idea what your staff does behind the scene in pulling these events together, however the results were truly professional and will always be remembered.  Your hotel staff was top notch and I can’t say enough about the Black Raven crew.  The crew was certainly entertaining and fit the part of true Pirates.  Blackbeard was exceptional on his delivery of the Pirate Wedding vows and was most helpful in getting the groom to understand the true meaning of the shackles of marriage.

Gunnar, we can not thank you and your staff enough for what you all did for us.  My wife and I will certainly be back in St. Augustine soon and when we do I can guarantee that we will be on another cruise on the Black Raven and will see you at your hotel.

Again, thanks a million,

Dave and Sandy Mullin

P.S.  We do have another two kids to marry off one of these days.


From Missy and Shane

This is what Missy and Shane Ford from Jacksonville, FL wrote after their wedding:on_dock_at_stern

“I don’t know who had more fun us or our guests!

From the beginning to end it was truly an awesome experience. From the first time we contacted The Black Raven they were very eager to please us. Making sure that everything was done the way that we wanted it to be, to be a special wedding day. Upon boarding the ship our guests received a beautifully decorated envelope that contained their ticket and a special wedding token. After taking some pictures that truly captured the moment we were off. Off to get married! We even had our own private wedding coordinator, Camilla. She made sure any questions we had were answered and helped the bride walk down the aisle. She would have even helped if a little push was needed once the Wedding March started.

first_toastThe ceremony took place on the ship’s forecastle deck with the Castillo de San Marcos lingering in the background. Dressed in full pirate gear Blackbeard oversaw our union as husband and wife. After the ceremony the usual Pirate show began. We sipped our champagne as jokes were told and songs were sung, even a little bit of magic took place, courtesy of William Mayhem. Captain Larry directed the ship under the Vilano Bridge and our journey lasted near 2 1/2 hours. That is 2 1/2 hours we will never forget.

Gunnar and Monica (the owners) and their crew were completely amazing and were so much fun to be around. If we were able to get married every weekend we would. And we would do it aboard the Black Raven each and every time! There is absolutely nothing that we would change about our experience. Everyone has their own memories of their wedding day and each is special, but not many people can say that got married on a pirate ship.

We can and we do, proudly!
Thank you to Gunnar, Monica, Camilla and all the crew of the Black Raven! Our wedding is and forever will be unforgettable thanks to you!”

Missy and Shane Ford

Disclaimer: In case of inclement weather conditions, unexpected cancellations or other reasons beyond the company’s control, the departure time and the program may be altered, certain segments of the program or crew members substituted and/or the trip cancelled. A minimum amount of tickets need to be sold for a trip to take place. All refunds will be made in the same way it was paid for. Expect up to 72 hours before the refund can be initiated. We strongly recommend all passengers to call ahead of time and reconfirm the departures (especially if you intend to drive long distance for the event). Please call: 877 578 5050.
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