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Kerns Vow Renewal

Lord and Lady Kerns renewed their vows on Black Raven

Click to enlargeOn Saturday afternoon, January 9, 2010, the Lord George of Kerns and fair Lady Marcia of Kerns and set sail on the Black Raven to restate their vow of eternal adventure to each other.  Several of their friends and family joined them onboard to celebrate this day.  Among their  witnesses were Jennifer Allen – Daughter of Lady Marcia of Kerns, Pastor Lord Fred of Roy, Lady Margie of Roy, Lady in Waiting Pat Linton, Lady in Waiting Anna Blair, Pirate Paul, Maiden Lestari, Re-Maiden Doris Mongold, Steve and Paula Barle – both Monks from the Inquisition, and several other close friends and family.  The couple and their guests, as well as some guests of the Black Raven, boarded the ship at 4:00 pm.  The Black Raven set sail after everyone was safely boarded. 

Click to enlargeThe adventure began in the fresh January air with everyone singing shanties along with the Pirates of the Black Raven – Olie Mackerel, Jonas Crew, William Mayhem, ArrrrMonique, and Daisy Drake.  Captain Larry Kety sailed the Black Raven through the Bridge of Lions and past the Castillo de San Marco fort.  After a few pirate songs, Captain Larry brought the Black Raven to a “drifting” stop.  The awaited moment had arrived for the happy couple.

Click to enlargePastor Lord Fred of Roy had the couple and their witnesses climb the stairs to the ship’s forecastle, decorated with an arch covered in white roses and greenery.  The passengers and crew of the Black Raven stood below on the Main Deck to share in this moment.  For a brief second in time, the ship stood still.  The wind was calm, no one was speaking or moving, and the air became warm as the couple stared into each other’s eyes.  Then Pastor Lord Frederick of Roy began the ceremony.

Click to enlargeHe announced, “These two are here to walk the plank.  Not into Davy Jones Locker, but into wedded bliss.”  Lord and Lady Kerns renewed their commitment to their lifelong voyage with each other.  Everyone on board the Black Raven responded with loud Pirate cheers as the couple kissed and had a Champagne toast.  They all descended from the forecastle to celebrate, and Captain Larry set the Black Raven to sail.

Lord and Lady Kerns had created magic in the air.  So much so that William MayhemClick to enlarge amazed everyone with his own wonderful magic.  The passengers assisted Mayhem in illusions and tricks that baffled all.  Magic was everywhere!  Even the dolphins wanted to join in with the celebration.  Four of them jumped and swam with the ship for several minutes. 

Click to enlargeCaptain Larry headed the Black Raven back to port while everyone continued to enjoy the Pirates comedy, magic, and shanties.  As the ship got closer to the dock, people started pointing toward the dock in amazement.  There, waiting to welcome Lord and Lady Kerns and the Black Raven passengers and crew, was a Scottish Bagpiper dressed in a traditional kilt.  His serenade was absolutely beautiful as the Captain and crew secured the Black Raven to the dock.  The sun was setting, and the horizon’s reflection danced in the water.  The couple stepped off the ship and onto land to begin the next voyage in their lifelong journey.

Kerns_9The crew of the Black Raven would like to thank Lord and Lady Kerns for sharing this moment with us and wish them true happiness and joy.

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